Comments from clients

"We … are very happy with your editing. Your rewriting reduced the length and also improved clarity of the sentences. Most importantly, you kept the major points, making them very clear and smooth. I do appreciate your help." San Diego, CA

"wanted to update you on the success I had to renew both of my R01 grants you helped to improve... The first one was renewed last November. The other one received the highest possible score (a 10 on scale of 10-90)... and two institutes are now fighting over who wants to fund it." U Chicago

"I'm really happy to let you know that the paper that you edited ... has been accepted for publication... . The referee appreciated the scientific content ("...this is an excellent paper...") but also pointed that .." This is a well written paper", and this is certainly due to your assistence." Universitą di Cagliari

"Thank you for your response and the edited manuscript. My team is very happy with your work…" Boston, MA

"I would like to share a good news with the Eureka R01 you edited for me. The impact score I found is 10!  Our Human Frontier LOI is also selected for full proposal. Thank you so much for your excellent work! U Mass Medical Center

"As always, I truly appreciate your help and feel fortunate to work with you. You offer not only professional editing but also mentorship." Rutgers University

"Thanks for all the corrections. It looks very good and I like all your observations." UC Berkeley

"I wanted to let you know that the paper you edited... was accepted by Nature last week and is now in press." U Chicago

"My R01 grant is near official. I received the email from the grant manager at NIH for all docs so she can issue the award letter." UMDNJ

"I am very impressed by your work and I think I... learn a lot just from the way you edit." Harvard U

"Thank you very much for your comments, they are very helpful and I will try to incorporate them..." Purdue U

"Thank you for your wonderful assistance. I appreciate it." San Diego, CA

"Thank you very much for editing the draft.  It looks much, much, much better
than before.   I totally agree with you on the problems you mentioned … "
Harvard U

"The proposal looks great, and we will work on the issues you pointed out…"  UCLA

"Eric, Thank you for your excellent edit." Fremont, CA

"Thanks for your help!" U Minnesota

"Thank you for your quick response. Appreciate the changes you made, and will go with your recommendations… ." U Cincinnati

"Thank you so much for editing the proposal.  The comments were very helpful and thank you for rearranging the specific aims and intro. It is much better and made more sense." Columbia U

"I am very happy with your editorial work. ... My grant was submitted on time! … Thanks for your help - It was crucial." NY

"Thanks so much for your help. … Until next time." U Chicago

"Thank you again for your help with writing my grant." U Michigan

"Thank you for your help!" Stanford U

"Thank you very much for a great edit and advice." Columbia U

"Thank you for your wonderful assistance. I appreciate it." San Diego

"Thank you very much for working with me on the grant. You have been a great support." U Michigan

"Thank you for your advice!" NY

"Thanks for editing. I liked very much your style. ... thanks for your encouragements and your corrections." U Michigan

"I thank you so much  for your best help when and where I needed most." NY

"Thank you for the prompt service. Your editing is very helpful." Johns Hopkins U

"Psychologically, it's really been a tremendous boost to me to know that someone else is actually willing to help me..." Yale U

"Thank you very much for returning the edited material in a short time. …Thank you so much again…" NY

"Thank you so much for your help. I appreciate it. As always, I think you did an excellent job. … Again, thank you very much for your kind and outstanding help." San Diego

"Thank you for the detailed editing and suggestions." Johns Hopkins U

"Thanks, Eric, I think it's ready to go. I think your comments were useful. Harvard U

"I appreciate how fast you edited the manuscript and that you condensed paragraphs throughout the document in order to reduce the word count. … Again, thank you for your help." San Diego

"The grant left on time. Thank you very much for your help with editing the proposal. …Please know that I appreciate very much your suggestions and advices." U Michigan

"I deeply thank you for editing (I know it was quite a challenge :)) and all your comments and advices! You are absolutely awesome!!." NY

"Thanks so much for your help. ... it is most improved." U Chicago

"Thank you Eric. You crushed it." SWMC, Dallas, TX

"Eric, thank you for your editing, which helped us a lot." Kansas City, MO

"Thanks for the quick turnaround time. Attached is another manuscript which may need more work. Thanks" Johns Hopkins U

"Many thanks for getting the work done so quickly." UC Davis